Scannable PetNet Code

Unique PetNet code is easily read by our app on all PetNet ID Tags.

PetNet ID Tag

Each PetNet ID Tag has a unique code that holds each pet’s registed information so their owner can be easily contacted once it is scanned.

PetNet Mobile App

Using our Mobile App ( currently available for only Android and IOS devices ), all people can easily read the PetNet Code engraved on all PetNet ID Tags on each pet.

Information in the petnet application

Our app can show the pet’s information along with the owner’s contact information.

Create Account

Register your pet’s information along with your contact information to complete your PetNet ID Tag’s account.

Terms and Conditions

Review the legal terms and conditions regarding the use of PetNet.ec application




Easily contact the pet’s owner through the PetNet App or on the PetNet Website.


Register Information:

Enter your pet’s information and your contact details to be reached out to if your pet is lost.


Nationwide Shipments

Request your PetNet ID Tag from any part of the country and we will send it safely to you.


Unique PetNet Code:

Each PetNet ID Tag has a unique code engraved on it


PetNet Tag Replacement

In case your PetNet ID Tag is lost you can easily request a new PetNet ID Tag with the same code you had linked to your account.



When scanned the petnet code qr of your pet , you receive an email with the location from where it was read.